Mattress Shampoo Cleaning in Bangalore

Despite being the most heavily used item of furniture in the home, many people don’t think their mattress needs cleaning. You may think that mattresses don’t need cleaning unless there’s an accident, but in reality, our mattresses harbour an incredible amount of dirt and allergens which should be gotten rid of frequently.Mattresses contain kilos of dead skin cells, dust, dirt, body oils, sweat, pollution, pet hair and dust mites – just to name a few things. No matter if you change your bedding regularly, this won’t get rid of the dirt and allergens you are laying on each night when you sleep.


We are expert mattress cleaners in Bangalore, having sanitised and cleaned the mattresses in many homes around the Bangalore. Our mattress cleaning service is a necessity for anyone, but it’s ideal if you have an older mattress, have allergies, children or pets.

Here's What You Get!

Your bedding and possessions are in safe hands with us. Our professionally-trained mattress cleaning staff are experts at mattress cleaning and they will clean your mattress to the highest standard.

We will rid your mattress of many year’s worth of embedded dead skin, dust, dirt, sweat and stains. The hygiene of your mattress (and your health) will be greatly improved.

  • Clean and fresh look and smell
  • Reduces allergens + allergy management
  • Mattress lasts longer
  • Peace of mind knowing you are sleeping on a clean bed piece
  • Healthy air quality
  • Some mattress warranties require regular professional cleaning

How exactly will the Professional mattress cleaners help YOU?

We use the extraction method to give you a mattress cleaning service of astonishing quality. This is an extremely reliable technique, which eliminates stains and odors. The extraction process also completely removes bacteria, dust mites and their eggs, and all dead skin off your mattress. We will ensure a healthy and clean environment for you and your family by leaving your mattresses meticulously sanitized. Your mattress will be dry and ready for use in only three to five hours after the cleaning. Contact us and leave your mattress maintenance All Cleaning Service team.