Best Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services in Bangalore

A beautiful bathroom defines the cleanliness and hygiene habit of house residents or office workers. Bathroom cleaning is a job that everyone hates, but it is one of the essential tasks to be done regularly for a healthy and happy environment. At ALL CLEANING SERVICES, we provide various Bathroom Cleaning Services in Bangalore including strip and seal service.

We are committed to quality and mad about perfection. We follow a simple and step-by-step procedure to give your sparkling results. Our trained technicians pay attention to detail while taking up any bathroom cleaning service in Bangalore. The main step is through cleaning with various water and steam equipment and non-toxic chemicals. The drying process is then facilitated by powerful air movers to get the job done quickly and uniformly.

Our services will leave your eyes dazzled by seeing the shine on the floor. After we are done with your floor, it won’t just look new but will also stay for a longer duration. This process would inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus, making the surface resistant to scratches and marks.

Here's What You Get!

  • On-time every time
  • Quality service always
  • Competitive prices
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fully trained and certified technicians
  • 100% Bangalorean and use of only clean green chemicals
  • Safe for kids and pets

Leading Bathroom Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Our bathroom cleaning services cater to the needs of commercial and residential clients. Be ready for an exceptional bathroom experience with us. 

  • Easier routine maintenance: We maintain day-to-day cleanliness in all the bathrooms in much lesser time than expected. We are very professional.
  • High pressure cleaning: We can re-grout the tiled floors and walls of your bathroom. With high pressure cleaning, we remove the build-up and clean the highly contaminated surfaces where your brushes can’t reach.
  • Complete sanitisation: Our cleaners use environment friendly solutions and chemicals which are specially formulated for bathroom cleaning. We ensure that your bathroom smells fresh and is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Reduced need to stock cleaning equipments: Our professional bathroom cleaning services eliminates the need of stocking up cleaning products and machines sat your end. We use our own vacuums, pressure washers, janitor carts, auto scrubbers, cleaning solutions, grout cleaning equipments, etc.
  • Ultra-clean Processes: We ensure and level up all the measures to prevent cross-contamination and foul smelling bathroom.


We cater to a wide range of cleaning issues that includes:

  • Geyser cleaning
  • Bathroom tap &  shower cleaning
  • Bathroom floor cleaning
  • Bathroom site wall cleaning
  • W/C inside & outsite
  •  Exhaust fan cleaning
  • Bathroom basin cleaning
  • Bathroom window cleaning
  • Bathroom mirror 
  • Bathroom hot water stains mark remove
  • Bathroom tap & shower